More Seeds to Start



Plenty of planting today in the strong belief Spring will really be arriving eventually.


I am growing nine kinds of tomatoes.  Nearly all are heirloom.  One variety is supposed to taste like raw lemons…  Another is named nearly the same as our street (Nineveh vs Ninevah, both variants of the same word).  For cherry this year, I am trying a black cherry tomato variety.


I like yellow tomatoes, so am trying some of them in a very old variety.  I liked the name Bread and Salt for one old Russian variety, and a Thick Skinned Green variety is supposed to be very good for winter storage.


We are not big cabbage eaters, but I am trying a French heirloom.  And for cauliflower, an Italian purple heirloom.  And for the first time ever, I am trying gooseberries and tomatillos.


I am trying all of my garden from seed this year–other than garlic, shallots, onions, potatoes, and most berries–so I have a lot to start indoors.  Today I also planted all of the herbs that need some indoor time, such as sage, basil, tarragon, oregano and chives.  I also started some echinacea, bee balm, and heirloom yellow strawberries.

The squash and Roma tomatoes I started several weeks ago are doing very well.  No sign yet of any eggplant sprouting, but nearly all of my peppers and even the celery is growing well.

Some warm, sunny days will really help.  The plants, and me.

One thought on “More Seeds to Start”

  1. Awesome! i tried tomatillo once ages ago; don’t remember what came of it. cabbage-i heard, slice it and cook it like a steak. sounded interesting.
    are you intending to do bees? what with them becoming endangered, it would be great to have a refuge. wonder if I could do hives-the backyard edges up to the backwash of the lake, so no homes…

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