Chicken Coop Constructed!


If it ever warms up, the chickens will be heading outside into their new coop as it is now completed!  Other than the steel cloth and screws, every other part of the coop is built from found objects.

The first found object is the location: an unused space under the stairway leading to the loft above the garage.  Given that it had to solid posts to start from, I figured it would work well.

I raised it up off of the ground to allow for easier gathering of the droppings and also to help against predators.  I used cinderblocks to hold in the back posts, both of which were just lying around the farm from prior owners.


Next I added some old smaller screen doors but mounted them horizontally for ventilation.  In the winter, these will be easy to cover with tarp or plywood.






An old handrail serves as the roost and the brooder light will serve as warmth since this spring seems less than balmy for some time to come.


I mounted an old door to the posts for access to the nesting boxes, which are made from and old small shelf.  I needed just one extra board to cover the gap for the door.IMG_1786

Nesting boxes with pine shavings made from an old shelf.  In a few months, there should be eggs here most every day!




On one side, I shiplapped some old treated boards that were in a pile in the pasture.



On the other side I used some random scraps of lumber for the wall and an old shelf that I hinged for the entry door for the birds.



Here’s a view looking from the back of the garage (above) and the entry ramp (below) with beer caps used for traction.


Hopefully the girls will like it once we get them out there.  But 40 degrees when you have just your first feathers is too cold!IMG_1787



One thought on “Chicken Coop Constructed!”

  1. I was checking up on Shogun and came across your page. You and Chris seem like two folks that EVERYONE would love to meet! You make Ashtabula feel so bright and shiny and new…or maybe bright and warm and fuzzy…like copper and flannel. :o) We need more people like you and Chris! Peace and Love to you unflagging optimists.

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